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Figs with Goat Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto

Impress guests at your next dinner party with this simple and flavorful appetizer delight! I learned this recipe from my friend Kim and was thrilled to discover how quickly this dish can be prepared.  At Kim’s dinner party, the fig/prosciutto wraps were made in advance and refrigerated until about 30 minutes prior to serving.  However, I baked this same dish the other night and served it immediately. Both ways are equally great, just depends on what you are in the mood for.

I recommend buying your figs 1-2 days prior to serving them.  Ideally, I try to purchase them the day of my party.  Also, remember to wash your figs and remove their stems when preparing.  

Serves 8-12 people (assuming each guest has 1-3 figs)

10 fresh figs

3 ounces goat cheese, or enough for stuffing

honey for drizzling

freshly ground pepper

5 slices of prosciutto, sliced very thin and cut lengthwise

Preheat oven to 350F (optional step if choosing to bake.)

Wash and dry your figs, being careful to remove each stem.  Cut each fig in half and using a melon baller, take out the center flesh and discard.

Clean and dry melon baller, and use it to scoop out the goat cheese and stuff each fig half.  Make sure to really press the cheese into the fig firmly.

Drizzle the honey on top and season with a pinch of freshly ground pepper. 

Wrap each fig with a slice of prosciutto.  If needed, use toothpicks to secure the wrap.

Bake in the oven for 7 to 10 minutes, or until you achieve the desired crispiness for the prosciutto.  (This is an optional step that you can eliminate if you prefer to serve your appetizer at room temperature without baking it.)


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