NY 1 Interview: "The Chef of Greenwich Village"

Check out Chef Pietro Mosconi and The Chef's Daughter, Joanne Mosconi- discuss their new cookbook!

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Check out Joanne Mosconi discussing her new cookbook on Deborah Kobylt Live!

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The Legendary Chef of Greenwich Village, Pietro Mosconi and his daughter, Author/Chef Joanne Mosconi, joins us to create a popular Italian dish and discuss Joanne's soon to be released book.



Pietro Mosconi is wearing a corsage of basil that pokes out from the pocket of his white chef jacket. It’s a few minutes after 1 p.m. at an empty Monte’s Trattoria in New York’s Greenwich Village, and the owner and chef has set up shop at one of the small front tables, where he is methodically working a pastry wheel around the corners of a panel of dough.


Hey, pay attention...

Everybody here is busy. Winner of the Humane Society’s animal fund-raiser auction gets a private lunch date with Isabella Rossellini at the Met… Dramatist Guild. Jason Alexander hosts the Nov. 4 Alan Jay Lerner Award for writers at Ziegfeld Ballroom … Tuesday, Joanne Mosconi, chef Pietro’s daughter from Monte’s Trattoria in Greenwich Village, will serve up a book of papa’s immigration, recipes and memories of feeding those who never open their mouths except for food.


After spending the afternoon with Chef Pietro Mosconi in his Greenwich Village restaurant Monte’s Trattoria, it is obvious that he is a family man. During our visit, we met his daughter Joanne, son Pietro, and grandson Pietro. Tradition is king. They bantered and beamed with pride to be affiliated with Chef Mosconi’s institution. They also gobbled down heaps of made-to-order salmon and carbonara. By the end of the day, we all gathered around Chef Mosconi’s favorite table to hear about his life.


Monte's, the subterranean MacDougal Street eatery, has seen other MacDougal Street landmarks like the Gaslight, the Kettle of Fish, Rienzi's and San Remo come and go, is ten years older than nearby Cafe Reggio, and still it makes with the lasagna and antipasti. 


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